Firebird closing, NEVER!

It's fair to say that the most of us knew that Firebird International Raceway would never permanently close. With that said, "The Final Event Ever" was a marketing scheme by the former lease holder to fill the stands and it did exactly that. Since that event some changes have taken place. 

The Gila River Indian Community has hired a new track manager in Dick Hahne. He comes to the valley via Daytona Motor Speedway. If he can keep 42 cars on the track at the same time and manage all the personalities there in, Dick will do a fine job with two cars at a time in the Desert Southwest. The one thing it was impressed to me is this, safety will be Dick's number one concern. Something that was lacking previously, in my opinion.

Also, a "dragstrip operations manager" has been tapped to oversee the daily goings on. It is my understanding that he has real world dragstrip expierience from the midwest. Look for more information on him in due time. 

Qeustion, should Firebird still be "part" of the re-naming process? If you care to voice an opinion make it on our Facebook page.

So when is the next event? Do not look for anything to happen on the dragstrip until early October. As it was explained to me, this event will be more of a re-opening than an actual race. A celebratory event if you will. More on this as time passes.

Peititon to keep Speedworld open!

Speedworld Raceway Park is endanger of being shut down by the elected officials of Maricopa County Arizona. Please take a moment to open the link and sign the petition. The crux of the issue dates back to a use permit theat was approved back in 1961! Any and all help his appreciated, Thank you!
Click here for the link to the petition,

A.D.R.A. #7 at Speedworld Dragstrip

Speedworld Dragstrip hosted The Arizona Drag Racing Association's race #7 Friday night, June 1st. The daytime high temperature of 110 plus degrees would soon dissipate as the sun set, making for some great racing. 
As qualifying got underway, it wasn't long until the track claimed it's first victim, Tibor Kadar. As he lost the third member at the hit. With Tibor out for the night, the door swung wide open for the rest of the racers in the Pro class.

In Super Pro action, after 3 rounds of eliminations. The final would come down to John Schurr and Mike "Zimmy" Zimmerman. At the stripe it was Schurr getting the win light, as Zimmy breaks out! The yellow sheet showed a 7.723 on a 7.73 dial. Schurr carded a 12.07 @ 108 mph pass.
The best reaction time in eliminations goes too Austin Downing with a .0005 r/t in a loosing effort to Mike Zimmerman. 

In Pro class racing, in the 6th and final round it was Steve Johns Ford Falcon vs. Cyndi and Bill Coniam's Ford Mustang. Probably the best race of the night, was this one. Clean and green at the start and the victor was Steve Johns as Coniam was too quick. A 10.625 on a 10.66 dial in. Steves winning numbers were, 10.05 dial, ET10.083 @ 124.86 mph! Steve also had the best R/T of eliminations.
For some event photos click the link below:

Arizona Grudge Racing Association

Speedworld Dragstrip hosted The Arizona Grudge Racing Association's third race of the 2012 season. The AGRA races under the 1/8th mile format. One nice feature of 1/8 mile racing only three classes. Renegade, 6.50 and a 7.50. 
In the Renegade final:
Josh Edwards, launched his ProCharger Camaro to the victory over David Welkers Firebird for the  win! The winning numbers looked like this.  J. Edwards 5.02 @ 149mph to D. Welkers 5.355 @133mph.

Read more: Arizona Grudge Racing Association

Jim DePasse T/A FC Sand Drag wheel stand

Our partner web-site National Sand Drag News. Shot a great video of Jim DePasse in his new T/A sand drag funny car.  The end result is not what he was looking for. 
Click the link below for the video,

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